• About The Ball

    Dress Code

The Princess Ball is a chance to let your inner Princess out. Whether that means a simple outfit, a pretty dress, or full costume, that is completely up to you! Most of our little Princes and Princesses have indicated that they are going to go in full costume and accessories, and most of our adults have indicated that they will be dressed in outfits other than costumes.

We also have an exciting opportunity to dress to the nines!


For the third year running, we’re very pleased to announce a partnership with Rent frock Repeat. Based in Toronto and Ottawa, Rent frock Repeat gives you a chance to wear the most gorgeous of haute couture gowns without paying haute couture prices. Why purchase a dress when you can rent one at 90% off its retail cost?  Their stylists shop for the best designer dresses from around the world, visiting top fashion shows and showrooms. Then, they make the dresses available to rent for a fraction of the retail price.

Just head to their website, sign up and browse through their incredible selection of gorgeous frocks. Add the ones you love to your wishlist, then make an appointment and try them all on and see what you love.

And here’s the awesome part: Rent frock Repeat is proud to support The Princess Ball by awarding you a 15% discount on your rental. For every dress you rent, they will also donate 10% back to our fundraising cause.

Simply use promo code PRINCESS when processing your order! It’s that easy!

Live in the GTA and want try a frock on before renting? Call them at 1-855-376-2548 or email them at info@rentfrockrepeat.com and set up your own private fitting — for FREE!   Visit www.rentfrockrepeat.com for more details.


While adults are welcome to wear costumes, please be advised that you may be confused for a character, and have to interact with legions of excited children asking for autographs. Adults, please try not to dress as one of the Princesses in attendance, lest you confuse the children.